Imagine James Potter getting wasted and making a bet with Sirius that he can totally transform into his Animagus shape no biggie - and it goes fine but then he’s too drunk to change back and Muggles get confronted with this really drunk deer roaming the streets pursued by a man who can’t stop laughing

i still love him

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Harry Potter in his 3rd year finding the initials “JP” carved into his bedpost. Harry Potter wondering whose initials they could be but not investigating because he’s too tired. Harry Potter going about his day every day and not thinking about the carved initials again until Lupin offhandedly mentions, while packing up his stuff, he remembers one year, James brought up a knife from the kitchens and had all the Marauders carve their initials into their bedposts. Harry Potter just smiling and not letting on he was sleeping in one of those beds. Harry Potter later that night tracing his fingers into the carved wood before going to sleep and feeling slightly warmer than usual because here was a physical reminder that his dad had lived and breathed, that he wasn’t just a faint memory when Harry closed his eyes and thought really hard.

Harry Potter sleeping more soundly in his dorm that night than he ever had before.

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Lily and James’ cottage in Godrics Hollow being a charming little house, with a picturesque garden and low wooden beams that Lily just adored. James, due to his tall stature constantly having to duck through doorways and in under said beams. Him cursing loudly every time he would forget and his head would wallop against something.

"For Christs’ sake James, never mind the fact You-Know-Who himself will hear you, do you really want to aid Sirius’ campaign to make sure Harry’s first word is a bad one?"


Hipster!remus doodle before bed. Na night all.

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old marauder photo

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A alternative story where the Marauders were spending the holidays at James house.

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alone we can do so little; together we can do so much